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Rapidex® Ridgi-dome

The Ridgidome pole system builds on the benefits of the Flexidome system allowing the size of the tents they support to be substantially increased. Combining the use of flexible solid fiberglass poles with robust lightweight aluminium poles, the Ridgidome pole system is ideal for larger family tents.

The Flexible fiberglass poles used in the roof section of all Ridgidomes, coupled with the angled auto joints, create a much more user friendly shape allowing increased headroom within the tent. The addition of secondary manual joints, mean that larger family tents can be erected easily in 2 stages similar to conventional frame tents but a whole lot quicker.

Click here to see the Ridgi-Dome Quick Erect Demonstration Video

Your Khyam Ridgi-Dome comes in a robust, generously sized carry bag. Once removed from the carry bag, hold the tent in a vertical manner and gently lower poles outwards and downwards forming a star shape with the hub in the centre. The main poles operate around two types of hinged joint. The upper and lower joints are locked into position manually whilst the middle joint locks automatically when the upper joint is locked. With the main section of the tent on its ‘knees’ the tri-guys can be pegged prior to lifting the tent to full height. Once the main dome is at full height the tri-guys can be securely pegged. The bedroom poles are then simply threaded through the sleeves on each bedroom section. The upright support poles for each section simply locate into the plastic feet on the end of the main poles. The flysheet then clips directly to the bedroom poles.
Once all the bedroom poles are in position the remaining pegs and guyropes can be secured. Inner tents simply clip into place and are suspended via shockcorded loops and hooks.      


> Click here to see the Ridgi-Dome Quick Erect Demonstration Video

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