We all know what it’s like, you wake up ready to take on the day’s hike, open your tent and… it’s raining. While it’s easy to simply zip your tent back up, climb back into your sleeping bag and head for your iPad we have some better ideas. Pack your wellies and take a little read at our favourite rainy day activities below!

1. Hike anyway!

A little rain never hurt! If you’ve got a good waterproof and some wellies head out on a walk for a little fresh air! The trails may even be a little quieter as everyone else shelters inside; also, the kids will love jumping in those puddles! Just make sure you take extra care when walking on slippy terrain, paths can be more dangerous when the weather is bad. Keep an eye out for some amazing photo opportunities of rainbows!


2. Build A Den

Nothing quite entertains the kids like a den! Head for the protection of the trees and work as a team to make your very own shelter. Not only will you get some quality family time but you’ll also keep the kids entertained for hours! The only problem you’ll have will be getting them to leave and head back to the tent…


3. Board Games!

Next time you head out camping make sure you pack some cards – we promise you won’t regret it! When the weather's far too bad to head outside stay warm in the tent with a couple of board games. Why not even get a tournament going with your fellow camp mates!?

4. Road Trip!

Why not pack up the car and see the local area for the day? Go and explore an area slightly further away and grab a spot of lunch! A rainy day is the perfect excuse to simply enjoy a quiet drive in the country.

5.  Hot chocolate


When the weather is miserable there’s nothing better than a cup of hot chocolate inside the tent! Although you may not be able to build yourself a campfire you can still use your stove to boil the water! Make sure you don’t forget the marshmallows…

Do you have any rainy-day tips and tricks? Why not share them with your fellow Khyampers!