With the falling value of the pound, the rising cost of air travel and the uncertainty about Brexit, it’s easy to see why more and more families are turning to camping trips for their Summer holidays. Camping is an amazing way to spend time together as a family, reconnect with nature, and get away from it all - without shelling out a small fortune on a package holiday abroad. But what should you look for when buying family tents? 

How to Choose the Best Family Tents for UK Camping Trips
There are a lot of factors to consider when deciding which family tent to buy, but perhaps the most obvious consideration is the size of tent you require. 

Family camping tents come in a range of sizes based on how many people they can fit, also known as their berth. A 2 berth tent will comfortably sleep 2 adults, but leaves little room for any luggage or camping gear. 

For multiple family members, we recommend large family tents with extra room added for storage. For example, a family with 2 adults and 2 children might naturally opt for a 4 berth tent, but it’s a good idea to go for a 6 berth tent to ensure plenty of room to store clothes and equipment. For a family of 6, we would recommend an 8 berth tent. 

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The next factor you might like to consider when choosing a family tent is the layout. 
You’ve already chosen what berth you require, but you need to think about how your time will be spent within the tent. 

For families, it’s often advisable to choose a tent which is split into separate bedrooms and living areas. This means that everyone in the family has some privacy, and the grown-ups can avoid waking up the kids when making their way into bed at night. 

A separate living area or porch area is a great solution for storage, and also means that there is a designated place to get rid of wet clothes and muddy boots before climbing into bed after a day of adventure. 

The material of your tent is a very important factor when choosing to buy a family tent. 
Your tent needs to be well designed, waterproof, and most importantly, durable. 

Your tent should be a part of your happy memories for years to come, so it’s wise to buy one with a product lifetime guarantee, like our Khyam AirTek 8 model which was Commended in the Best Large Family Tent category of the Camping Magazine Editor’s Choice Awards in 2019.

If you’re having trouble choosing the best family tent, get in touch with one of our camping experts on 0800 644 4401 and we will be happy to recommend the best tent for your family. To view our range of family tents for sale in the UK, make sure to take a visit to our family tents page here.