As Winter slowly but surely comes to an end, we’re digging out our tents from hibernation and planning our Spring camping weekends! However, we know it’s tempting to spend your weekend tackling that Spring clean but put down the feather duster! Here’s a few reasons you should enjoy outdoors rather than the indoors this Spring!

Better Weather!
After those dark nights and long rainy days there’s nothing better than waking up to a sunny day and opening up your tent for a fun day of activities! If the weather does take a turn for the worst and those April showers make an appearance you’ll be able to make a campfire for a little extra warmth, so, consider packing a few camping chairs and t-shirts in the hope of good weather. However, don’t forget to bring waterproofs in case April showers do come your way. And remember that, on an evening, the temperatures can still be pretty chilly; we recommend packing a good sleeping bag to keep you cosy at night. 

Take some time out of the house to finally enjoy a breath of fresh air and a nice leisurely Spring stroll - your mind and body will thank you for it!  

Daffodils, green grass, flourishing trees and bluebells! The British countryside is ablaze with blue in the springtime and campsites are some of the best places to enjoy them. Don’t forget your camera if you’re a keen photographer, you’ll be able to get some incredible photos of your surroundings! 

Instead of keeping those daffodils in a vase this Spring, why not see them out in the wild during a walk? We promise you’ll enjoy them a lot more!


Empty Campsites!
Hands up who hates those mobbed Summer campsites? Well, in Spring you can enjoy the peace and quiet you get at home in the campsite too! You’ll never feel crowded in a  UK campsite in Spring as you’ll avoid Summer and school holidays, beating those crowds! You’ll get to choose the best spots, claim that morning shower and enjoy noise free nights. What could be better!?  

Less Insects!
Nobody enjoys waking up covered in insect bites, but good news; Spring is noticeably quieter on the insect front so no need for that bug spray! Enjoy a weekend of fun instead of a weekend trying to dust off those spider cobwebs… 

Nature quite literally comes to life in Spring, and who doesn’t love baby lambs? Out in the countryside you’ll see plenty of young lambs and it’s the best time to see the birdlife at campsites as the adults are out and about trying to find food for their babies. Also keep an eye out for woodpeckers,  baby tawny owl, families of fledgling great tits, robins and more.

Feeling inspired? We certainly are! If you pack up your camping gear and get outdoors this Spring send us your photos! The spring clean can wait for Summer...