How to Take Care of Your Tent

Taking care of your tent can be the difference between it lasting for one trip, or many. To get the most out of your tent, ensure that it's pitched, and packed away, in the best possible condition by following the steps below.

1. Pre-pitch

Before you go anywhere have a go at pitching your tent in the back garden! We expect the highest quality from our tents and always want to know if there’s a problem. Give your tent a once over before you leave and make sure everything is tip top, if not, we’re always more than happy to help!

2. Tent first-aid kit!
There’s a few items that your tent may need to stay in 10/10 condition. Purchase these items for prolonging the life of your tent, or helping with repairs should the worst happen!

  • Tent Footprint - A tent footprint is a groundsheet that’s specifically cut to match your tent. A footprint is used to protect the bottom of your tent from the ground below. This can help to prevent tearing and mean that your tent won't have to be cleaned as often.
  • Duct Tape - Duct tape is your best friend! It's always good to carry a roll of this stuff with you in case your tent needs a quick repair to get you through the rest of your trip. You can use tape to fix poles, or holes in the groundsheet.
  • Seam Sealant - Seam sealant is a fantastic glue-like substance to help quickly fix taped seams that are coming apart. 

3. Pack Like a Pro!

Each tent is different, and after a few practices you'll have mastered packing away properly! Here are a few tips to ensure your tent is packed away correctly.

  • Ensure the inside of the tent is dust free.
  • Open your tent up and leave to air for a while before packing away.
  • Push, don’t pull, your tent poles out of the sleeves and fold them.
  • With a partner, fold the tent to the same width as the bag, pushing air out as you both fold.
  • Place the pole bag and peg bag on top of your tent, start to roll as tight as possible.
  • Secure the tent up and put it back into its bag. 


Each tent can be different, so ensure you follow the instructions!

4. Store Correctly

Storing your tent without care can cause the tent to damage; follow these simple rules to prolong the life of your tent.

  • Don’t store your tent wet, it should be completely dry when you put it away. If it isn’t, dry it outside before storing.
  • Store in a cool, dry area.
  • Never rest your tent bag on its end, this can damage the poles. Always place the tent down flat.

And there you have it, our top tips for making your tent last!