When it comes to camping we believe the more the merrier! There’s no better way to enjoy the great outdoors than a camping trip with family, friends or even colleagues. Camping as a larger group opens up a whole host of different possible activities, but it also needs a little more planning. Here’s our advice for planning the ultimate group camping trip! 


Pick the perfect pitch
If you’re camping as a larger group your campsite is going to need a few things; firstly, space! When you’re looking for the perfect campsite make sure you check availability, especially if you’re camping in peak Summer months. We would recommend planning a few months in advance if possible, that way you’ll have more chance of availability. When doing your research, it’s also worth looking for a campsite that has a variety of things to do around it. This could be anything from hiking to kayaking! Finally, when choosing where to pitch your tent have a look for a campsite with great communal facilities. If you’re a large group, it’s nice to have larger areas to spend your time over meal times!


With more people comes more planning! However, many hands make light work. If you’re camping in a larger group you’re going to need more of everything; so, it’s best to be very organised. We would recommend splitting out camping essentials. For example, someone can bring cooking equipment, someone can bring food and someone else can be in charge of camping equipment.  Packing lists should be made and ticked off before leaving!

Meal plans are probably the most important part of the planning process; and this will need to be decided before leaving. You’ll also need to take everyone's eating preferences into consideration. If planned properly costs can be split beforehand and one person can go and make a large shop for the entire shop. Need a little inspo? Take a look at our favourite camping recipes here!

Finally, have a little think about some games/activities you might want to play whilst you’re there. For example, if you’ve got a big enough group, rounders would be great! Make sure you pack things such as a bat and ball too!


Be flexible!
Remember, the number one priority is always to have fun! Sometimes, not everything will run smoothly but that’s okay! You won’t remember the missed activities or the burnt sausages. Have fun with your group and you’ll have a camping trip to remember!


Are you planning a group camping excursion this Summer? Let us know your tips and tricks for making sure everything runs smoothly!