Let us set the scene; you’ve arrived at your campsite and set up your wonderful Khyam tent, you start to embrace the stunning scenery and just as you begin to relax, it happens… Your tranquil moment is shattered by the dreaded “I’m bored” chants from the younger members of the party, what to do!? Lucky for you, you read our “Family Fun Activities for Camping” blog meaning you came prepared for this very moment (remember kids, adults are always one step ahead, or so we like to believe).

From traditional games such as hide and seek to more unusual activities such as bug hunting, there’s plenty of fun to be had on a camping trip! While we could spend all day listing things to do, we decided to cherry pick our top 5 family fun activities to be enjoyed in the great outdoors.

 1. Camping-wealth games
…see what we did there? Also, known as “camping Olympics”, the camping-wealth games is a great way to introduce a little bit of competitive fun to your trip. Besides the enjoyment, the entire party gets from getting involved in this activity, one of the most exciting parts is deciding which games to play (just remember to plan in advance and pack the equipment you need). Some of our favourites include a hula-hoop contest, tug of war and classic sprints.

To make it even more interesting, why not create a scorecard and offer medals or prizes for winners? Loser makes dinner!


2. Scavenger Hunt
Calling all explorers, who’s up for a good ol’ scavenger hunt!? This traditional, much loved outdoor activity is guaranteed to bring at least few hours of fun.

If you don’t know how to create a Scavenger Hunt, it’s super simple and easy to do. Simply create a list of commonly found items such as leaves, stones, pinecones and bits of bark and send (or accompany) your kids off to search for them! While it’s often tempting to have a few hours of peace and quiet, remember not to make it too difficult for little ones; don’t send them off looking for a unicorn or an item they’ll never find!

3. Storytelling

Children have the most incredible imaginations and storytelling is a great way to encourage them to express it. A very traditional camping activity, storytelling involves thinking out loud, so no one knows what twists and turns are around the corner! From ghost stories to the weird and wonderful, one thing is for sure, it’ll be a lot of laughs!

Why not turn it into a competition and vote at the end to see how came up with the best story!?


4. Rounders
Who doesn’t love a game of rounders!? It’s a great game for all the family to get involved in and doesn’t require a lot of equipment-it’s a win win!

To play all you need to remember to pack is a bat, a ball and stumps for safe points; for the stumps you can use anything from jumpers to shoes, as long as they are visible enough for players. If you want to play with more of a challenge, set the stumps further apart to increase the amount of time it takes to run between them.

5. Making S’mores

Melted marshmallow and chocolate spread sandwiched in between two delicious biscuits- what more could you want? This delicious treat can be whipped up in just a few minutes using a campfire; get your little ones involved by getting them to help source wood to build the campfire! 

To make the s’mores all you need to do is melt marshmallow on a skewer over the campfire  before placing them onto the biscuit with the chocolate spread! The delicious treats are then yours to enjoy; remember to have napkins at the ready because s’mores are just as messy to eat as they are to make!

If you fancy experimenting with your s’mores, why not try using different bases; we thoroughly recommend using cookies!


Whatever activities you decide to try out on your next Khyam camping trip, we hope you have a boredom-free, fun filled time!