Competitions Terms & Conditions.

Each Competition Khyam (UK) Ltd run will carry their own individual terms & conditions as set out below. 
The below Terms & Conditions apply to all & every competition Khyam (UK) Ltd runs;

Khyam (UK) Ltd reserves the right to change competition terms & conditions at any time and offer alternative prizes or cash values if the main prize(s) can not be sourced or are out of stock.

  1. Competition Winner(s) will be selected at random, and reasonable efforts will be made to contact the winner(s)
  2. If a selected Winner(s) does not respond winner(s) will continue to be selected at random until an alternative winner can receive the prize(s)
  3. Cash alternatives to the main prize(s) can not be requested by Winner(s) unless otherwise stated


Post Competition publicity Requirements;

The winner will be required to participate in any post-event publicity, Khyam (UK) Ltd will seek permission from the selected Winner to be compliant with the rules of GDPR.
The following indicates the publicity requirements;

  • As an announcement to all entrants and to act fairly in communication, the Winner's name may be posted to Facebook or on the Khyam website 

  • Khyam (UK) Ltd may request additional information from the selected Winner and may choose to use this to publicise the competition if relevant permission for the individual is granted


  • Returned, refunded or cancelled orders (where there is no fault with the product) will have entries removed from the competition

  • Trade and Business customers do not qualify for entry into the competition, any entries made by or thought to be made by trade or business customers will be excluded and withdrawn from the competition

  • Entries can not be accepted at any events or through any other means unless stated above