Heading out for the weekend? It would be a shame for your four-legged friend to miss out on the fun! Camping is a great excuse to take your dog out on a holiday, because to them heading out on a camping trip is like one great, big walk! 

In this blog we’ll give you our top 5 tips for camping with your pooch, so that everything runs as smoothly as possible. 

1. Make sure you pack the essentials.

Imagine getting all the way to the campsite to realise you’ve forgotten to pack the lead! By packing in advance and doing a quick check before you leave you can make sure you have everything needed so that you and your fluffy friend have the best time possible. A few essentials for your dog may include:

  • Dog lead
  • Food and water
  • Food and water bowls
  • Poo bags - Always make sure to clean up after your dog out on walks and within the campsite!
  • Lead to secure your dog while in the campsite - make sure your dog doesn’t go walkabout!
  • Towels - it’s likely while out camping that your dog is going to get dirty, so be prepared for muddy paws! You don’t want a filthy tent
  • Dog tent - because everyone needs a place to spend the night!
  • Lot’s of energy for long strolls during your trip!


2. Check local/campsite restrictions

Although a campsite may be dog-friendly, many of them have different policies when it comes to how they allow dogs within the site. This may mean that dogs are only allowed in certain parts of the site, or that they should be placed on leads at certain points. You should always make sure you adhere to these rules! This also applies to your local surroundings when out for the day. Check beaches and local walks, so that you are always clued up!

3. Refresh your dog's training!

It doesn’t matter if you’re off into the middle of the countryside or heading to a local campsite; you and your dog need to be able to communicate so that everything remains safe. You should be able to perform a reliable recall to keep your dog out of danger, and away from other families/dogs. It also helps if you're out on a walk and your dog decides to sniff itself into the middle of nowhere! Before you leave why not practice your commands, such as ‘leave it’ and ‘here’. If your dog really struggles at performing these commands it may be worth booking yourself in for a quick training class, as these will not only help camping but also within general day to day life!


4. Comfort is key

Throughout your entire camping trip, you should make sure your dog is as comfy as possible. This starts as soon as you head off in the car! Make sure you give your dog plenty of space and make sure he/she is comfy; especially if the campsite is a good few hours away! Also, be sure to stop regularly so that your dog can stretch his/her legs and have a quick drink! Once at the campsite you want to make sure you get all of your dog’s favourite things out, this might include dog beds, toys or a blanket. All of these items will make your dog feel right at home, which will help if he/she is feeling a little nervous about the new surroundings. Finally, you may want to pack a dog jacket if the weather is meant to be cold/rainy! A cold, miserable pooch is not the recipe for a fun camping trip!

5. Have fun!!

Camping is the perfect time to get away from everything at home and enjoy some time in the great outdoors with man's best friend! Take in the sights and enjoy what’s around you! Your dog will appreciate the new scenery, smells and sounds just as much as you! With a little preparation, you and your dog are sure to have a great time!


We hope you enjoyed our 5 top tips for camping with your dog! Next time you head out camping why not take one of our K9 dog tents with you? This will give your dog it's own space to chill out and enjoy the trip! We love nothing more than seeing dogs out in the open enjoying their camping trip, so send us some photos next time you head out.