Desperate to go camping but wary of leaving behind your home comforts? We understand! We know that wild camping isn’t for everyone. Follow our simple tips and turn your camping trip into a glamping trip! You’ll have all of your favourite things, combined with the fun of a camping trip.


Choose your campsite wisely!
This might seem like an obvious one, but your campsite is extremely important. There are a great variety of campsites that all offer different things. If you want to glamp rather than camp, you’ll want to choose a campsite that has all of your basic necessities such as warm showers and working toilets. Stay away from wild camping spots, which can often be very basic. Some campsites will even offer facilities like electricity, hot water, nice bathrooms, laundries, washing-up areas, an on-site shop, kids play areas and BBQ’s! When you’re booking your trip make sure to take extra time checking what facilities are on offer and whether this meets your expectations!


Get the basics right!
When out camping you’re going to spend half of your time in a tent; so make sure it’s the right one! For glamping you’ll want plenty of space to both sleep and lounge in. Having plenty of space will allow you to relax without feeling trapped in a tiny space. Here are some tent features that we would recommend looking for when glamping:

  • Double lined so it won’t leak when it rains
  • Head height
  • Easy to pitch and take down - this will save you time and will cause less stress!
  • Twice as big as you think you actually need – If there are 3-4 of you then an 8 man tent would be ideal

We would also suggest looking at investing in an awning - this will give you somewhere extra to chill out and keep muddy wellies outside of your tent.

If you’re in the market for a new tent, the Khyam Airtek 6 sleeps six people and comes with bags of space!  In front of the bedroom area is a large living area with a fully sewn in groundsheet, keeping the weather and pesky bugs at bay. The generous living area is light and airy and is further enhanced by a fully removable front panel opening up the entire front section of the tent. It only takes a few minutes to effortlessly inflate the tent and a similar time to deflate fully, before rolling up and packing into the generously sized carry bag. Get yours here!


Make your tent a home!
Camping doesn’t have to mean sleeping in a dark, cold tent. By bringing along some home comforts you can instantly turn your tent into a warm, inviting space that you can enjoy spending time in. Some essentials we would recommend for camping are:

  • An inflatable mattress:
    Hate sleeping on the ground? Bring an inflatable mattress! You’ll be comfier and get a much better nights sleep. There are plenty available on the market that can be inflated quickly and don’t take up too much room. You can even bring along your bedding/cushions and ditch the sleeping bag for extra comfort!
  • Fairy lights and décor:
    We all know fairy lights make everything feel that little bit cosier, so why not bring them with you and drape them around your tent? It’ll light up your space and make it feel like a cosy haven. Decorating your tent can make a huge different and make you feel right at home.
  • Comfy clothes and accessories:
    Got a favourite pair of pajamas? Bring them! Going camping doesn’t mean you have to go and wear a waterproof for the majority of the trip. Pack what you feel most at home in, whether that’s a dressing gown, a hot water bottle or even a pair of slippers!
  • Portable chairs:
    Give yourself as many areas to relax as possible. If you're lucky enough to get amazing sunshine during your trip, you’re going to want to make the most of it! Bring portable chairs and you can set them up outside your tent for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Having an area to chill out will allow you to spend time with family and friends. Whether you’ll be sunbathing in them, curled up with a book, sat back and sipping wine or gazing up at the stars, you’re going to need comfy chairs.
    PS - Got a little extra packing room? Bring a hammock!
  • Delicious food:
    Camping doesn’t mean that you have to eat straight out the packet food. You can still cook some amazing meals with some of your favourite ingredients! Take a look online and decide what you would like to cook prior to your trip, this way you can pop into your local supermarket and get everything you’ll need beforehand.


And there you have it, our top tips for turning your camping trip into a glamping retreat! Let us know your tips and send us in photos of your own glamping set up!