At Khyam we’re all about helping the environment, and we know that you are too. Although heading into the great outdoors and spending time outside camping can feel environmentally friendly already, there are some things that you can do to make your trip extra green! Take note of our tips the next time you pack up your tent, mother nature will thank you for it!

Replace, don’t waste!
When something breaks it’s easy to simply buy a brand new one. The next time that happens, why not try to replace your equipment before rushing out to the shops? By buying items such as rucksacks and equipment in second hand stores you’re helping the environment! And remember, if anything happens to your trusty Khyam, simply send us a message or visit out repairs and spares website section to get your tent back in top condition! If your kit it unfixable, remember to always try and recycle instead of simply throwing it away.

Ditch the gadgets!
Don't bring unnecessary gadgets with you when you're heading into the great outdoors (Yes, we’re talking about that iPad!) If you have a sleeping pad or air mattress that needs to be inflated, use a foot pump. Instead of bringing along a radio or speakers why not bring a book? Not only will you be technology-free, but you'll also have a lighter backpack! Although it’s great to cut down on the gadgets there are two we would recommend bringing along; a torch and your mobile. Bring a wind-up torch and make sure your phone is fully charged before you leave!

Camp Local!
We love to venture out into unknown territories, however, it’s always lovely to enjoy what your local area has to offer. By cutting down on your travel time you’re also cutting down on emissions! 

Stick to the path!
We know how fun it is to venture on your own path, however, it's important to minimise your impact on the environment. Follow signs and hike markers and stay on the laid-out path! Trailblazing and wandering off the trail can cause native plant life to be trampled and lead to soil erosion.

Reuse those dishes!
Paper plates and plastic cutlery can be tempting for convenience, however, it’s a lot better for the environment if you choose to bring reusable silverware, plates and cookware. There are also a variety of greener options available — from titanium plates to foldable plastic bowls that take up hardly any backpack space! You’ll also be able to use these for years and years to come, that’s a whole lot of camping!

Pack up your rubbish!
Our final tip is a biggy, make sure you always leave nothing behind! The saying "Take only photos, leave only footprints" could not be more appropriate! When you leave your campsite, make sure you bring all your rubbish and recyclables with you and dispose of them properly when you can. If you find litter along the way home or scattered about your campsite, do your part and pick it up!
And there you have it, our top tips for being environmentally friendly the next time you take out your tent. Let us know what you do for the environment!