We love nothing more than spotting animals while we’re out camping, and we know that you do too! We’re exceptionally lucky in the UK to be home to some incredible wildlife that you can easily spot the next time you’re in forests and national parks! 

As always though, we ask that you’re respectful of the areas these animals inhabit because it’s their home, we’re just visiting. Keep dogs on leads at all times if they’re permitted on your campsite and stick to the paths wherever possible. Happy wildlife-spotting! Enjoy a closer look at our favourite wild friends below.

1. The Golden Eagle

You’ll have to keep your eye on the sky to spot this one! Many areas around the UK are home to this incredible bird, especially Scotland’s Cairngorms! Next time you’re in the mountains keep an eye out for this special creature. With a wingspan of up to 2 metres, you’ll know when you've seen one!


2. Red Deer

Deer are one of our favourite animals to spot out camping! However, Red deer are the biggest with a bark that can sound for 20 minutes straight. Whether you manage to find these elusive creatures or not, it’s fun to try and spot them!

3. Squirrels

One of our favourites! The lovely squirrel can be found throughout the UK and can be easily spotted within different woodland areas. You’ll find them in the trees or on the ground. On the hunt for the red squirrel? Check which areas of the UK you are likely to find them and head off the beaten track, squirrels are likely to be found in areas that aren’t surrounded by cyclists or dog walkers! 


4. Beavers

You can spot beavers at various locations around the country! Keep an eye out around rivers and wet areas. If you spot distinctive gnaw marks on trees, or come across a large pile of wood blocking a stream, keep your eyes open and you may spot one of these either in or out the water.

5. Tigers

Yes – really! The Cairngorms National Park is home to Scotland’s only wildcat, the aptly named ‘highland tiger’. The gorgeous, bushy-tailed feline is extremely rare! Now, we can’t guarantee that you’ll spot the illusive predator but they’re most probably watching you whilst you’re adventuring! If you are lucky enough to spot one, it’ll be a sight you’ll treasure forever.


Next time you’re camping keep an eye out for some of our favourites, and send us in your photos; we would love to share them!