Sporting event shelters are becoming increasingly popular. amongst Cross Country Runners. Rugby and Football teams. They provide useful bases. or as changing rooms for participant. There a few different models of shelters available. for a shelter that is quick to erect and to strike down. consider the Khyam Screendome. Screenhouse or Sports Shelter. If price is more important then ease of pitching then look towards the Khyam Day Shelter 300. This models from the Pole & Sleeve range of tents rather then the Khyam RapidEx Quick Erect System. so whilst it is a little cheaper it is still just as reliable. The Ridgidome range of Cross Country. Rugby and Sports Shelters. are quick erecting and stable. whilst still being lightweight and compact. The Screendome and Screenhouse are 3x3m Square. which provides a nice area of dry space. for those sporting events when the weather isn't being to kind. For a shelter that is for storage. consider the Day Shelter 200. This shelter has a 5000HH rating. and can easily be packed away and transported with a packed size of just 67cm x 19cm x 19cm and weight of just 8.56kg!

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