Pole and Sleeve are exactly as the name implies traditional tents that have poles. which have to be fed through the sleeves on the tent. The Pole and Sleeve method of erecting a tent is a traditional tried and tested method. The P&S method. is little more time consuming then the Khyam Quick Erect series. but can be purchased at a slightly cheaper price. Khyam have a wide range of Pole and Sleeve tents available. and offer fantastic value for money. Most tents in the P&S range come equipped with a sewn in groundsheet. This is perfect for keeping away creepy crawlies. and provides the additional comfort of not having a draft blowing underneath the tent. which can sometimes happen when using a separate groundsheet. Within our P & S range are tents starting from as little as £19.99. An ideal solution. if you are just starting out. and looking for something to take away for an evening or weekend. A popular tent series within the Pole & Sleeve range is the Faro. The Faro 5 is renowned as an ideal ‘All Rounder' tent. and with its compact packed size. is great for weekend touring or a week away. Whether you are an individual looking for a simple. robust tent or a family looking for that perfect tent to take on that extended family holiday. you are bound to find something in the Khyam Pole & Sleeve range.

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