Groundsheets are used to provide a waterproof membrane. between the ground and a sleeping bag. Most inner tents normally have a sewn-in groundsheet. but an additional groundsheet can be purchased. to cover the living area of the tent. or to cover the whole footprint of the tent to prevent damage and to stop the tent from getting dirty. Some single skin tents may come with a sewn in groundsheets. or have a separate tailored groundsheet included. or available to purchase separately. Usually with sewn-in groundsheets. the groundsheet extends 6'' up the lower part of the wall. This is usually referred to as a bathtub style groundsheet. However it can become a trip hazard. so here at Khyam our sewn in groundsheets extend 1” up the lower wall. Providing exactly the same protection. without the risk of tripping. Separate groundsheets are usually the ideal choice for backpackers. because it allows load sharing. and also makes it easier to pitch and strike down. Separate groundsheets do have their downsides as well. If they are used by themselves and not in conjunction. with a sewn-in groundsheet. it means creepy crawlies can get into the tent. If any of the groundsheets protrudes from under the sidewalls. it provides a path. ready for moisture to flow into the tent.

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