This section contains accessories that you might need for that trip. Whether it is a sleeping bag for that night away. or a pole & clamp kit to attach your Driveaway Compact 300 to your vehicle! You will find all of those additional extras. which make your camping experience a little more special in this area. Camping accessories aren't just items such as torches and mosquito nets. they are the little extras that turn your camping experience from being great to being fantastic. Groundsheets are great accessories when camping. for keeping mud and bugs out of the tent. Even if your tent comes with a Sewn-in Groundsheet (SIG). they can still be utilized and extremely useful. When used with a SIG. it means the tent can be pitched on top of it. and when striking down. the tent can be put away clean and dry. and the additional groundsheet is cleaned separately. (Which is a lot easier to clean and dry then a complete tent.) If you want something that makes your tent feel like a home away from home. then why not purchase a tailored fit carpet. Designed to simply sit on top of your groundsheet. and provide extra comfort when walking around inside your tent.

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