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RRP £51.99
Featuring generous windows in each panel...
Windbreak 6
RRP £45.00
Perfect for the campsite, garden or beac...
RRP £51.99
Featuring generous windows in each panel...
Windbreaks have always been a popular choice for any camping holiday. They can be used on the beach, as a shelter from the sun or the wind or around a campsite, to create a nice secluded area, for a picnic or a barbeque. At Khyam our range of windbreaks vary from 4 to 8 poles. So no matter what, you want to use a windbreak for, you will find one that will be suitable in this section. Traditionally they are made from cotton, nylon, canvas or recycled sails. Windbreaks come in all shapes and sizes, usually consisting of three or more panels, which are held in place with poles that slide into pockets sewn into the panels. The poles are then hammered into the ground using a mallet, or any other hard object. Our range of windbreaks can be guyed out, to give them extra strength and stability. Most of the windbreaks from Khyam feature generously sized windows, perfect if you want to be able to look out to see what is going on, or to keep an eye on younger members of the family.