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Igloo Quick Erect Tent
Quick Erect Tent
RRP £219.99
In many respects the Khyam Igloo is defi...
Biker Quick Erect Tent
Quick Erect Tent
RRP £229.99
As recommend in RiDE Magazine. The Biker...
Driveaway Compact 300 Awning
Pole and Sleeve Tent
RRP £249.99
Specifically designed for medium size ...
Freelander Quick Erect Tent
Quick Erect Tent
RRP £299.99
While still built using the unique Rapid...
Driveaway Sleeper
Pole and Sleeve Tent
RRP £329.99
Specifically designed for medium size ca...
Driveaway XC
Pole and Sleeve Tent
RRP £549.99
An excellent addition to your Campervan....
RRP £719.99
Campervan or Caravan compatible, the M...
RRP £899.99
NEW FOR 2015 - New Silver / Black colour...
RRP £999.99
NEW FOR 2014 - NOW IN STOCK This spac...
RRP £1,149.99
Tents in this 3-4 berth tent range are a step up in size from the 1-2 berth tent range. Popular amongst couples and friends alike, these tents are ideal if you don't want a tent that is two big, but would like a little more space than a 1-2 berth. We have tents of various shapes and sizes in this range, so whether you are looking for a pole and sleeve tent, or a flexi-dome quick erect tent, you will find one in here. One of the most popular choices Khyam tent is featured in this range, the Khyam Igloo. It is a 3-4 berth tent, and is the flagship of the Khyam brand. The igloo has ample room for 3 people, and has literally been around the world. From being used at base camp on Everest, to the Dakar Rally and desert treks. Another popular choice in the range, is the Khyam Biker, this tent has been recommended in RiDE magazine, as a fantastic choice for motorcyclists who enjoy camping. This compactly sized tent is a nice snug fit, so it can be put into motorcycle carry boxes. The extended porch provides storage space, which means it has ample room for storing helmets and other equipment.