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Rapidex® Flexi-dome

The Flexidome pole system offers many benefits, as well as being exceptionally quick and easy to erect it is also strong and reliable. The solid glass reinforced nylon joints operate easily and quickly, locking into place to create sturdy structures in a variety of shapes and sizes. All Flexidome main poles operate around a central hub and therefore lock permanently into position during use.

The Flexidome main poles are solid fiberglass giving excellent strength, yet maintaining flexibility. The Flexidome pole system is located on the outside of the tent flysheet and so enables storm guys to be attached easily and quickly to the poles during adverse weather. Flexidome tents have been used by many explorers around the world, from the arctic circle to the rigours of the Dakar rally. Simple, quick and reliable tents in seconds.

Click here to see the Flexi-Dome Quick Erect Demonstration Video

The tent is removed from the carry bag, held in a vertical manner with the pole ends pointing up. The poles fall out forming a star shape with the hub in the centre. The majority of poles have two different types of hinged joint – the top joint nearest the hub locks into position manually using a specially designed locking collar, whilst the lower one locksautomatically once the poles are fully extended. Ensuring that all fabric is free to move, lock each joint into place until the tent is freestanding. The final stages are completed by locking the porch (where applicable) into position. Inner tents are either already in position or simply clipped into place. Peg out the tent and the job is completed. Simple and quick.  

> Click here to see the Flexi-Dome Quick Erect Demonstration Video

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