The name Khyam is synonymous with Quick Erect tents. 

Khyam came to the market 30 years ago and soon became renowned for their innovations within the Outdoor Industry, particularly for tents.   Initially the development of the Flexidome Quick Erect System made huge inroads into the small tent market including the start of having poles on the outside of tents which when  first introduced was seen as something that simply would not sell.  Looking at the style of most tents on the market today Khyam certainly had a vision.

Khyam took that vision onto the Family tent market with the introduction of models such as the Ultradome which became almost cult status and the design copied by many.  Khyam were never disappointed that compaies copied their designs, we saw it as a compliment and made us strive to develop more innovative products.

The design team saw a need for a different shape to a conventional dome tent and the Ridgi Dome was born which offered far more user friendly space inside the tent.  Many manufacturers have subsequently copied the style but the uniqueness of the Rapidex Pole System is something that no one can copy as the patent remains.

Khyam have utilised their design skills to develop the more conventional pole and sleeve style of tent.  Whilst these need poles to be threaded through material the designers still leave little to chance with their attention to detail.

Khyam has a passion for their products and continue to strive for the best quality using cutting edge materials wherever possible and maintaining market leadership in both the design and technology employed.  Khyam also manage to monitor market forces to bring competitively priced products to a demanding market place.

The Khyam Igloo has been to the North and South poles, been used by the Marines and been the chosen tent for both the Dakar Rally and the Landrover G4 Challenge.

Khyam are always looking for the next generation - watch this space to see where developments will take us...